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Centre Hospitalier de Luxembourg


Centre Hospitalier de Luxembourg




4 Bund Planungsgemeinschaft

Project duration

June 2015 – July 2026

Usable area

54.000m² (new construction), 8.200m² (conversion)

Gross floor area

123.000m² (new construction), 15.500m² (conversion)



Costs (net)

386 Mio. € 

Usable space

54.000m² (new building), 8.200m² (conversion)

This project comprises a new building to replace the outdated Luxembourg Hospital Center (CHL), which was formerly known as the Municipal Hospital. The Hospital Center operates not only the complex in Rue Nicolas-Ernest Barblé , it also manages a hospital in Luxembourg’s Eich district, and now it plans to combine the two locations. The National Institute of Cardiac Surgery and Cardiological Intervention (INCCI) will also be integrated into the new building.

The central principles of modularity and flexibility are maintained in all elements and proportions of the project – even in the dimensions of the urban design and development situation.

Added value

  • Competent consultation and representation of the interests of the client in relation to all other project participants
  • Support for the client in the fulfillment of its obligations