Integrated Construction Management

Ideally, construction management experience and building services equipment (BSE) know-how come together to ensure that a building site operates smoothly and that the construction project remains cost-efficient. Integrated Construction Management offers this outcome.  

Implementing all requirements professionally and economically

Even the best planning in the world quickly becomes worthless if it is not realized on site in high quality, on schedule and within budget.  

In the case of Integrated Construction Management, our experts implement the client’s requirements professionally and economically, while at the same time ensuring high-quality realization of the architectural design.  

The competency of our construction management teams extends across multiple cost groups – from construction (KGR 300) and building services equipment (KGR 400) to landscaping (KGR 500).  


Integrated Construction Management ensures smooth execution

As a first step, our experts draw up the specifications for cost groups 300 and 500, and examine cost group 400, reconciling it with the costing. They then evaluate bids and prepare contract award suggestions.  

We help the principal and project management select the best bidders by participating in procurement negotiations.  

Following the award of contracts, we undertake site supervision – usually involving the construction and technical trades as well as landscaping. 

At the end of the project, we provide professional commissioning management – based on a process drawn up during planning and construction that is divided into the phases commissioning, acceptance and handover. During operation of the building, we support facility management according to the client’s needs.  

At the same time, a team records any execution defects and monitors their rectification for all trades. The project controlling team manages processes across all service phases, thus creating maximum cost certainty through early transparency. This, together with design review and quality assurance during construction, minimizes risks to the construction project.  

We undertake design review and costing, ensuring that any costly interface services and risks are identified during invitation to tender and development of the specification.