A city is liveable if it is attractive for its inhabitants. As a home and as a centre. A place they can help shape and with which they identify. A collection of places where they like to spend time, and an environment where they can be productive and feel a sense of community. A liveable city constantly reinvents itself. It adapts readily to extreme change – but still retains its core identity, today and for coming generations. It is digital, sustainable, innovative and cost-efficient.

Do you want to make your city more liveable or develop a liveable urban district? You can only do this with a holistic approach that connects the built and natural environments, and rethinks mobility within the city. An approach that does justice to the complexity of the urban system and offers future-proof solutions. Let’s work together to create liveable cities.


Sustainable: The development of liveable cities takes a holistic and sustainable approach. To promote the health and well-being of current and future inhabitants, liveable cities base their use of resources on the Cradle-to-Cradle principle. Intelligent conversion and redevelopment allow buildings to be flexibly repurposed. Climate protection concepts for cities and urban quarters aim to achieve a beneficial footprint – in other words, a positive carbon footprint.

Digital: Liveable cities are smart. They make intelligent use of the possibilities offered by digitisation – such as data linking and networking of wide-area structures and everyday objects – thus taking entire urban districts into the Internet of Things. Future-oriented concepts are required to find the right balance of high tech and low tech.

Economic: Both established companies and start-ups appreciate the inspiring urban atmosphere of liveable cities. They create jobs and wealth. Liveable cities fulfil their function. They are well organised, with efficient processes that regulate urban life and provide opportunity for future investment.

Innovative: Liveable cities form a network with other cities and rural regions – linked by innovative mobility and transport concepts. Liveable cities test disruptive ideas in virtual reality – and boldly implement promising concepts.